AIDVANCED - Artificial Intelligence to Enhance Your Mind


Aidvanced is a young start-up rooted in the scientific research on Cognitive Sciences, born with the objective to develop innovative applications to support and enhance human activities like playing games, training and rehabilitation.

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We develop different kind of products, from mobile applications to educational platforms based on augmented reality, covering application domains such as entertainment, training and rehabilitation. Examples of products we have developed are Play2Lead, (a Serious Game to train leadership), STELT (a platfrom to implement augmented reality applications) and WPC (Walden PECS Communicator, a system for augmented and alternative communication to be used by persons with severe behavioral and cognitive disabilities)

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Aidvanced is partner of Enact, an european project with the ambition to achieve a new milestone towards the provision of innovative pedagogy and assessment methods for helping people to enhance and (self-)assess their negotiation competences based on recent psychological modelling and the application of current ICT research. We are also partner of the BRIDGES projects that have just been submitted and is in the selection process.

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